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Why choose Tip-Top Tutoring?
At "Tip-Top Tutoring" a state of Florida certified and experienced teacher will facilitate your child in their learning. We recognize that all children are unique and learn differently. After an initial assessment, individual goals will be created for your child. A tutor will work with your child one on one or in small groups to help them meet their goals. Tip-Top Tutoring uses a variety of teaching strategies that include hands on and engaging lessons to make learning fun and keep students motivated! Data monitoring and progress reports will show the academic gains your child is making. More importantly, tutoring will provide your child with the motivation and confidence needed to succeed in their academic career.
Call (305) 647-2726 to find out if your child's tutoring costs may be covered by the Gardiner Scholarship
"We are completely confident that we made the right decision. We really lucky to have found a teacher so competent and with so much dedication.Ms. Pena is what true vocation is all about and we have finally found that missing link we needed for our son's complete recuperation. We are certain that Ms. Pena will accomplish something grand and make a true difference in many people's lives...she has already done so in ours!" - Maurizio, Classroom Parent
"Ms. Peña is very professional and tirelessly dedicated to teaching. She does not see gaps in learning, but rather opportunities to help your child reach their potential."
- Carlos, Tutoring Parent
"We are so thankful for our son's tutor. She is an amazing positive influence. She makes learning something kids enjoy. Our son started showing more confidence academically and we noticed a dramatic positive change in his grades. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is an amazing person, caring, very patient and a great teacher. We will surely be sending our other kids to her for many years to come." - Jackie, Tutoring Parent