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Daily Classes
Students with autism can participate in daily academic classes from 9:00 - 1:00. Each week students will complete 1 weekly Science Experiment, a cooking activity and various social skills acitivities. Students attend 1 - 2 field-trips per month. For more information download our Homeschool Group.jpg  program flyer.
Individual Tutoring
Individual tutoring is available for all academic subjects, independent, living and social skills. 

Programs for Students with Autism

By a Certified ESE Teacher
with Specialization in Autism
Small Group Tutoring
Students with autism are taught by experienced teachers with Masters degrees in Special Education. Our programs for students with autism are highly individualized and include research based teaching methods. Our teachers motivate students by incorporating the things students like into lessons and teach using  each students' learning style. Lessons include visuals, 3D objects, and a variety of multi-sensory approaches. We do believe in verbal and tactile reinforcements and rewards that are gradually shaped to natural reinforcers.
Students with autism may participate in group tutoring for academic and social skills.