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Stephanie Pena, Owner/Director
Stephanie Pena earned a Master's of Special Education with Specialization in Autism from Florida International University​. She, then, worked in the public school setting as a Kindergrarten and 1st grade teacher in an inclusion classroom with children with and without learning disabilities, including gifted. She spent her last four years in the public school system teaching children with Autism in a self-contained autism classroom. She taught grades Pre-K - 3rd grade to students on modified and general education curriculums. 

In 2015, Stephanie Pena decided to resign from the public school system due to teacher requirements that took away from teaching and planning time. She decided to open a tutoring business to focus on teaching and be able to teach at each child's level, learning pace and style.

Ms. Pena has 17 years of experience working with children and teaching. She received her Child's Development Associates by the time she completed highschool after completing 120 field-experience hours. She spent 7 years of her Spring Breaks volunteering at VACC Camp, a camp for children with ventilator assistance. While attending college, she continued to volunteer during Winter and Spring breaks for issues involving people with disabilities, animal rights and environmentalism. Her volunteer work allowed her to graduate from Florida International University with an Excellence in Civic Engagement Medallion of Distinction She also graduated with two book reviews published in educational scholarly journals.

"I am passional about teaching. I especially enjoy working with children with Autism. It is very rewaring for me when students and I work extra hard to meet new goals and I get to see them meet their goals for the first time. It is really a wonderful feeling to know you are teaching someone skills they will use for a life time that will help them have a meaningful and independent life filled with positive relationships. I love to teach my students but I enjoy even more learning from them."
Stephanie Pena

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